1. MARK PACKAGES with purchase order number, AMT part number, contents, and quantity.  Order Number must appear on all Invoices, Packing Lists, Assay Reports and Correspondence.
  2. SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS:  Shipments to be made as noted on order.  Provide Packing Slip for each shipment and mark container contents on each container of multiple units.  When no routing is specified, shipper must ship by most direct route and over routes taking through rates.
  3. OVER/UNDER SHIPMENTS:  AMT accepts 2% under shipments and 10% over shipments; any quantities outside these limits must be approved prior to shipment.  If approval not obtained shipment will be returned at Seller’s expense.
  4. DEFECTIVE MATERIAL:  We reserve the right to cancel if orders are not filled as specified.  Defective goods will be returned at your expense.  No defective goods to be replaced without our approval.
  5. PRICES:  Do not fill order in excess of prices indicated on order or previously billed without obtaining our approval.  If prices are not shown on order, insert on acknowledgement when returning.
  6. INVOICES:   A separate invoice for each order.  Show order number on all copies. Invoices to be retained if not rendered per instructions and the discount figured from date corrected invoices are received.  Terms are discounted from receiving date unless otherwise specified.
  7. Warranty:  The Seller expressly warrants and agrees that there has been no violation of any trademark rights, patent rights, copyright, or of any law, rule or regulation of the Federal Government or of any state or any of their respective agencies of political subdivisions, in the manufacture, production, sale and/or shipment of the goods hereunder; and the Seller will indemnify and hold Purchaser harmless from any and all costs, damages or expenses (including counsel fees and fees of expert witnesses) which may be incurred by the Purchaser by reason of any claim or suit arising out of the infringement of any trademark, patent right, or copyright and /or by reason of any claim or suit for damages brought against the Purchaser, based upon injuries or damages resulting or claimed to have resulted from any alleged infringement or defect in such goods or ingredients or parts thereof.
  8. CANCELLATION FOR SELLER’S DEFAULT:                Should the Seller fail (a) to effect delivery on or before the specified delivery date(s) (b) to deliver goods in all respect conforming with the requirements (c) in the due performance of each and all of these terms and conditions of the order, the Purchaser may cancel this order in whole or in part.  Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Seller agrees to report promptly to the Purchaser, any act of specified delays in shipment of the goods covered by the order. 
  9. SPECIFICATIONS, DRAWINGS, ETC.:  All specifications, drawings, plans, designs, samples, or other description referred to in the order shall be deemed an integral part of the order as fully as if set out in full herein, and Seller warrants that all deliveries hereunder shall conform thereto, each delivery being subject to the inspection and approval of the Purchaser, whether or not any prior payment shall have been made thereon by the Purchaser.
  10. CHANGE NOTIFICATION:  The Seller agrees to notify the Purchaser of changes in the product or service provided to the Purchaser so that the Purchaser can determine if the changes may affect the quality of the end product.  No specifications, drawings, plans, designs, samples or other description provided by the Purchaser may be changes by the Seller without prior approval of the Purchaser.
  11. PACKING:  The Purchase will allow no charges for boxing, packaging or crating unless by written agreement.
  12. LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES:  Whenever Seller shall, by virtue hereof, have property of the Purchaser in their possession, the Seller shall be deemed an insurer thereof and shall be responsible for its safe return to the Purchaser.
  13. PERFORMANCE:  The Purchaser reserves the right to monitor and report on the performance of the Seller and use this information when make decision concerning the Seller.  The performance criteria are Quality, Pricing, Customer Service, and Delivery.